Our Services

Corporate Travel

Choosing the right transportation service to rely on can be challenging especially in today’s struggling economy. We believe that regardless of daily market changes, you should not sacrifice quality and classy service to transport your most important clients or employees. We can work with any budget so that you can maintain business as usual.


Shuttle Service

Connect your corporate business campuses together using our shuttle services and you will see a dramatic increase in daily productivity.With one less stress of their plate, your employees will be able to focus more on their upcoming schedule rather than fighting traffic.

We are prepared to propose this service at reasonable rates so that you may stay within your budget.


Courier Services

No matter if you require daily courier service or rush delivery, NJ Stars Limousine, Inc. ensures safe and timely delivery of your package(s). With our courier direct service, we can either pick up your package(s) and deliver it immediately with no stops in between or deliver your package in accordance to our respective delivery schedule. Our courier service our customers get daily pick-ups to meet their respective deliveries. It makes no difference if it is an interoffice envelope or an interstate delivery of boxes or if your pick up is planned or emergent. NJ Stars will get the job done.


Event Services

We are experienced at organizing transportation for large events so let us take that stress off you! Our fleet includes vehicles capable of managing intimate gatherings or large groups. NJ Stars can arrange the right combination of specialty vehicles to get your guests from point A to point B on time and safely. Enjoy your event and let NJ Stars Limousine, Inc. provide you with an onsite coordinator the day of your event.